Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of training will I receive as a life insurance agent for veterans?

As a life insurance agent for veterans, you will receive thorough training on the products and services we offer, as well as the special needs of veterans. Our training program is structured to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills you need to excel in your role, including sales techniques, underwriting guidelines, and additional important information.

How much can I expect to earn as a life insurance agent for veterans?

Your earning potential as a life insurance agent for veterans is largely dependent on your own performance and skills. With appropriate training and dedication, average agents earn between $1800 and $3000 per week. Top performers always make at least six figures their first full year and continue to grow in the years to come, and we provide ongoing support and resources to help you achieve your maximum earning potential.

Are there any special qualifications needed to sell life insurance to veterans?

The sale of life insurance to veterans requires a valid insurance license and compliance with any other state regulations. Additionally, we are looking for candidates who display excellent communication and people skills, a strong work mentality, and a willingness to help others.

How do I get started as a life insurance agent for veterans?

If you’re interested in becoming a life insurance agent for veterans, you can either submit an application on our website or contact us directly. Upon receiving your application, we’ll arrange a meeting with a specialist who will assess your suitability for the job. If we think you’re a good match, we’ll invite you to join our team and begin your training.

How will I be able to sell life insurance from home?

Life insurance agents have the freedom to work from their preferred location, including the comfort of their own homes. However, we do not supply the necessary technology, such as computers, webcams, virtual selling tools, or remote learning programs, for remote insurance sales. Nonetheless, you can still conduct meetings, offer insurance options, and finalize sales from anywhere, making it an attractive option for generating passive income as a side hustle.